Thursday, March 6, 2014

We have the funding and resources to fund any kind of business

Why struggle with tons of paperwork to obtain a easy business loans, and then have to wait for weeks, even months to get a response and possibly be denied financing? We have an 80% approval rate. Our financing specialists have worked individually with many businesses, and have created a quick application process that will not have you to jump through the hoops that banks set out for you. Our financing specialists are more interested in seeing where businesses can go, than where they have been. We can get our clients what they need - from $1000 or $1 million and everything in between. Even our payment plan was created to work for you. Rather than have a set payment amount for you to meet each month that you can possibly fall behind on, we have a percentage payment plan that works with your monthly sales. Having a slow month? Then you are required to payback less that month. If your business is doing great, then your proportional payments will have you on your way to completing your payback faster.

Get the Funding your Business needs

BD Funding is a leading financial services company providing working capital to small and mid size businesses nationwide. We support small businesses in need of financing/ Cash Advance to sustain or grow their enterprise by providing innovative, customized, and flexible working capital solutions.